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Choosing wedding themes to best suit your personalities and lifestyles is the easiest and the most effective way to decide on your wedding theme. It's easier to coordinate your decorations, wedding cake structure, flowers, dresses, menu and all the other items required when it revolves around a theme. Once you know what you want your wedding to "look like", focusing on exactly how you want to achieve that would be much easier. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Your wedding cake theme should be coupled with your overall wedding theme which could reflect your love for a favorite flower, your adoration of the nature (ocean, seashells, doves, swans, etc…), your childish, yet close-to-heart mythical figures (cupids, Disney characters, etc…) or the traditions you inherit.

Theme - “Love / Romance”

Dimly lit candlelight, champagne, a beautiful aura of ambience, soft subtle colors to fine music and elegant decorations that speak to the heart - this is what a romantic wedding theme entails by sending the message that the “love is in the air”. (Roses, Cupids, Hearts, Doves, Swans, Candles)


Theme - “Celestial”

Since ancient times, the heavenly sky with its millions of twinkling lights has fascinated humankind. Reach for the intoxicating moon, look up to the sparkling sun, and dream with the mystical stars by planning a unique celestial theme wedding. (Stars, Planets, Galaxy, Telescopes, Angels)


Theme - “Fantasy and Fairytale”

Once upon a time there was a couple who wanted to have a wedding celebration in the Cinderella’s Castle. The Princess wanted to arrive on a Horse Carriage, pulled by magical Unicorns. The Fairies and Mermaids were showering Flower Petals all around which were colored by a Rainbow. The Prince flew down from an enchanted Dragon and took the Princess by her hand towards the Wizards of the 1st order who were going to bind them with their magical powers of Love.


Theme - “Culture / Tradition”

Cultural weddings from around the world are filled with their own unique and special traditions. As Sri Lankans we inherit to more than 3000 years of proud history and colorful icons which reflect our heritage and can be found in abundance all around us. (Traditional Sri Lankan Wedding Themes: “Pun Kalasa” (The auspicious filled pot), Temple Flower, Paddy Fields, Elephants)


Theme - “Flowers”

“Flowers” is a beautiful choice for a wedding theme. From vibrant colors, to numerous varieties; from fragrant blossoms to enchanting shapes; from the rarest flowers to the most common choices; selecting the one that fits your personal preferences and personalities is the key.


Theme - “Nature”

Check out our new “nature inspired” wedding cake structures. From fish, swans and peacocks to butterflies and doves, we will design the perfect masterpiece to portray your love for nature in an exquisite and elegant wedding cake.



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